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Figment - Create a Website from any Figma Design | Product Hunt

Create a Website from any Figma Design

Export your Figma designs straight to a hosted website in less than a minute. Or download the code and host your website anywhere

Get the plugin for free

Turn your Figma Design into a Website

Build your website from Figma in 30 seconds, no coding required

Try it yourself

Export code straight from Figma

Save time by generating the code for elements designed in Figma

Get HTML and CSS code

Quickly get animation code

Export full website code

Customize your website before publishing

Bring your website to life with custom effects to make your website both beautiful and functional

Add hover effects to buttons

Animate website elements on scroll

Insert media like videos and gifs

Link to other webpages

No hosting setup

Publish your website for free

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5 out of 5

1000+ Happy Plugin Users

"Just a quick shout out to @nikita_builds whose got something extremely cool cooking with @useFigment."

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Aaron Smothers

"This is amazing. Anyone building wireframes, mockups, or prototypes can spin up a working model brilliantly."

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Ryan Healy

"I have been looking for this. Figment is changing the game!!"

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Niko Zona

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