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How to Create a Website with Figma

3/5/2022 • Tyler Kennedy

The problem with using Figma is that you spend hours creating the perfect web design but you still don't have a working website. With Figment you can build your website directly from a Figma design, without coding.

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How to Make a Figma Plugin Keyboard Shortcut

9/18/2021 • Tyler Kennedy

Keyboard shortcuts are an awesome way to speed up efficiency when working in Figma. Adding a few keyboard shortcuts for your favorite Figma plugins saves you tons of time.

Figment | Become an Affiliate

9/1/2021 • Nikita Jerschow

The Figment affiliate program allows you to get paid for the designers and developers you refer to Figment. Affiliates get paid a 50% commission on all subscription payments for 24 months – for every customer referred.