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Figment | Become an Affiliate

9/1/2021 • Nikita Jerschow

The Figment affiliate program is designed for influencers, educators, bloggers, and others to get paid for the designers and developers they refer to Figment. Affiliates get paid a 50% commission on all subscription payments for 24 months – for every customer they refer to Figment.

We at Figment love our affiliate partners, no matter where they are or how they're allowed to take payments. In this guide we'll go over how to take full advantage of our program.

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Getting Started

To become a Figment affiliate partner, please fill out the form here:

We are in touch with new applicants within 2-3 business days.

Once approved, we will send you an email with a special link that will be your affiliate link. This link will be unique to you. This link will send users to a specific page where we will register them as referred by you. See eligibility details in the affiliate window section.

Affiliate Commission

The commission for affiliates is 50% of subscription payments for the first 24 months – for each subscription made within the affiliate window, or until the subscription(s) is canceled. Each time a customer you referred subscribes to an account or site plan, a Figment team member will review the conversion, and once approved you’ll receive an email confirmation.

Affiliate Window

Your affiliate referral link has a 90-day tracking cookie. That means that any person who clicks on your affiliate link, will be tagged as referred by you with a tracking cookie. From the moment they are tagged, you will be commissioned for all subscriptions made until that cookie window expires on day 90. The subscriptions made within those 90 days will be paid out for the defined 24 months, or until those subscriptions are canceled.

Taking Payments

Affiliate earnings will be paid out on the 15th of each month, or more often in some cases. If you did not receive a payment that you believe you should have, please contact us.


PayPal is temporarily disabled while we work through some issues with our integration. On-demand payments via PayPal can still be requested.


Taking payments with Stripe is the most straightforward payout method. You can simply link your Stripe account in your affiliate dashboard, and we will handle the rest. You will get emails when each payment comes through.


For our affiliates over at Fiverr or Upwork, we schedule payouts each month with the native subscription feature of both platforms. The set up for this will be handled directly by one of our team members through the Fiverr/Upwork platform directly.

Advertising guidelines

As a Figment affiliate, the FTC requires that you tell your audience you are using affiliate links. You can make the disclosure within the content itself, or you can provide a page to your audience where they can read a full disclosure.

Please make sure to review the FTC guidelines regarding affiliate links.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our affiliate program.

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